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Manfred Dittrich Sailmaker: The Man, The Myth, The Legend. A Legend in His Own Time. World Sailor, Famous Caribbean Sailmaker, Nazi Regime Survivor, Flying Trapeze Artist, “Father” to all the WayWard Sailors of the World. 

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Manfred Dittrich sailmaker originally came to Hassel Island St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands in 1954. The Sail Loft itself was established on Hassel Island in 1952, pre-dating Manfred and his family. 

Today the loft is run and operated by his son RemBrandt Lee Dittrich. Due to the U.S.A. National Park eviction off of their family land the Loft operates at minimal capacity. 

In 1956 Manfred decided to stay permanently on Hassel Island and begin the long and enduring process of running a business from a separate island then the mainland…

ManFredSails.com is a long standing Caribbean Based Sailmaking, Awning, & industrial Sewing Business originally Located on Hassel Island St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands. Today ManFredSails is Primarily a Clothing Brand Dedicated to the Sailing, Boating, & Beachwear Community. 

After many years in the tropics on boats and in the Sailing world this brand is specifically developed for Sailing, Boating, & Beach Life in the tropical heat. With the customer in mind… 

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